SWW Industries LLC

SWW Industries LLC, are manufactured by the Novel Technology. TRIL Oil Well Submersible Container used for oil well treatment, removing salt, Scales, asphalt in oil production.

Wagene Purifiner Technology AS Norway

Wagene Purifiner Technology AS Norway, manufacturers of Purifiner Oil Maintenance Filtration equipment that removes particles and water from oil and fuel giving you clean oil and fuel for all applications.

Chemtech Alloys Pvt Limited India

Chemtech Alloys Pvt Limited India, manufactures of Industrial Metal Hardware Products. These include Stainless Steel Bars, Carbon Steel Bars, Nickel Alloy Bars, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel and others.

Alstern Technologies Singapore

Alstern Technologies Singapore PTE Limited, a pipeline Solutions Provider - Engineering Services, Integrity, Maintenance, Inspection, Isolation and repairs.

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